Thursday, March 21, 2013

Holiday Over Kill

Is it just me, or does every little holiday seem to be taking on an over kill mentality??  What ever happened to Christmas being the main headliner for the year followed by Thanksgiving and Easter and the rest of them being simple no brainers that didn't have to cost a fortune or a lot of fuss?  Recently it seems that every single week there is some new holiday to prepare for, great expectations to fill and a bunch of stuff to make and prepare and stuff to run out and go buy.  It seems like a constant whirl of celebration, which to some may not seem to be a bad thing but when you try to keep up with them all it really does take away that special feeling that the "holidays" are supposed to bring about.

I can remember as a kid celebrating St Patrick's Day by the simple act of just wearing green IF you were Irish.  That was it.  No need to run out and buy leprechaun "gold" or to make little traps for leprechauns, or consume all things green.  Irish or not you celebrate it now.  Since my children have been in school I have gotten the full holiday overdose from Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, St Patty's Day, Easter, Halloween, Dr Seus Birthday, 100 Days of School celebration and plenty more that I am sure I am forgetting about.  That list doesn't even include birthday celebrations for all the kids in class.  It seems we are always celebrating something or sending something in for the class or preparing xxx for the xxx celebration.  It never stops.  As a parent I relish the thought of summer break just to have a break from the "holidays" and even then there is the July 4th celebration (oh will it ever end).  I am all for a good celebration of sorts but this is taking the whole celebration theme to the extreme.  Everything has to be bigger and better than last year and the stakes keep climbing.  Gone are the days of just handing out little Valentine's Day cards and just wearing green on St Patty's Day (IF your Irish).  Now the cards need to be accompanied with a huge goodie bag filled with candy and handmade sparkling hearts and you better have leprechaun traps and loot abound to celebrate the Irish day.  Easter eggs can't just be ugly hand dipped squiggly lined messes any more but perfection in the making and I am still trying to figure out how a bunny fits into the whole Easter story.  I guess that is one I will be pondering over till the day I die.  Check out pinterest under any holiday and you will find all the overwhelming inspiration you will ever need.  If you noticed I haven't even mentioned Christmas in the mix because that is probably another whole article on its own but either way I think you can understand the point.  "Holidays" = Overkill x 10.

So, how do we get back to the basics?  I guess a good place to start is by looking at what is really important in our lives and choosing more wisely which celebrations are going to be worth some effort and which ones get left at the table and out of the mix.  I mean do we really need to have Sweetest Day when we already have Valentines Day??  If we keep celebrating and hyping up to the max every little holiday and celebration pretty soon none of them will have any meaning left any more.  Each one will feel like the rest.....just another celebration, nothing special, even though that is the exact opposite result we were hoping to achieve with having all the holidays and celebrations.  Question is are we trying to over compensate for something lost and if so what is it that we have lost?              


  1. I just found your site from the Mom Blog to Money Blog page on Google. I am now following your social medias.

    I have to agree with the overkill. I like celebrating holidays, but not months in advance!

    I look forward to reading more of what you have to offer.

    Cynthia at

  2. I hear you - as a blogger, I feel sometimes that I MUST celebrate these things - when a) I don't have time to bother, or b) don't really care much for them.

    Easter eggs were in the shops a few days after Christmas here in the UK. Christmas starts in about August, and well, by December I'm often Christamased out...