Monday, February 4, 2013

Post Super Bowl Thoughts

Okay!!  It's official,  the Ravens have won the 2013 Super Bowl.  We can all go back to our normal lives now.  No really, its time to go back to work, school and what ever else is on the agenda.  The football season is over for another year.  Time to switch gears to hockey!!

So, if any of you watched last nights game you of course were treated to some interesting and entertaining commercials.  While the football game is important the commercials that air during this particular time slot seem to be as equally important.  Some of them this year are definitely noteworthy while others should be leaving some advertising executives without jobs.  I would really love to know what in the world godaddy was thinking with their raunchy, tasteless diddy that they put out this year.  Not only was that kiss uncomfortable to watch but it really left me wondering who in the hell approved this commercial from an advertising stand point??   The Two Broke Girls stripper pole montage wasn't any better either.  There is definitely a line you can cross when trying to use sex to sell a product or service and these two examples definitely missed the mark by a huge margin.  Of course than there are a few gems in the mix.  When Dodge aired the Paul Harvey "farmer" commercial I was pretty impressed.  Few commercials leave me inspired but that one resonated deep into the heart of America and really had a message to give, and a positive one at that.  My hat goes off to their advertising team.  The Budweiser Clydesdale commercial was another winner.  Very creative and fun story line that left a few viewers running for their tissue boxes.  The Doritos commercials this year were pretty funny too.  I especially loved the "goat 4 sale" one.  

So this year I can honestly say that not only did I watch and enjoy the "big" game but I can also say that some of the commercials that aired this year were winners as well, even if some advertising executives should get fired.  I am sure it will be something that is talked about for a little while and we will all be waiting with baited breathe until next years big game to air.  Until then, I will be enjoying my new "farmer" Dodge Ram, that will take me to the store to get my Clydesdale "brotherhood" Budweiser and my tasty goat included with ever purchase Doritos.  ENJOY!  

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